Spray Painted Kitchen Cabinets Done in Sherwin Williams Kem Aqua Lacquer

ANCASTER, ONTARIO.  These cabinets were refinished by Sharrard Painting and Fine Finishing last fall.  They were spray painted using an 395 Air Assisted Sprayer from Graco for the shop work and a Capspray 8100 (3 stage turbine) for the on site work.  The colour is CC-20 Decorators White.  The cabinet doors are made of very heavy and solid MDF core board.  They were primed with two coats of Kem Aqua Surfacer and  two coats of Kem Aqua Loss Gloss Blending White.

Update 2020:  Sharrard Painting does not use Kem Aqua Lacquer any more.  It does not have durability and wear when compared to post cat solvent-based lacquers.  Because it is a low VOC it’s a good intermediate level lacquer if you don’t have the proper venting or spray booth available but it can be very hard to spray if you don’t get the variables right.


The mushroom glazed finish was very popular 10 years ago, I really liked them but keeping with the times today means a solid, glossly finish, no glazing.  Glazing is a great technique that helps to hide a lot of imperfections in the finish and i can see why finishers used so much.

The ‘corbals’ under the island and the range hood will be a real challenge to finish in a solid white.   The inside of the glass cabinet and its shelves will need to be refinished.  The crowns could come off but moving them you risk breaking the seal in the corners.


Good quality flooring paper is where it starts.  The stuff we are using here is called Anchored paper (not red rosin paper) and it comes from ICI / DULUX paints in Oakville.  Great stuff – kind of rubber like – somewhat water / solvent proof, unlike rosin paper.  Using a 3M hand masker one for paper and one for plastic film is great.



Finish coat done in Kem Aqua Low Gloss Blending White – tinted to CC20 Decorators White (Ben Moore).  Customer replaced floors with beautiful hardwood but still needs to replace the back splash; the two tone countertop (island is done in different colour) is a sharp look!


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