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  • Dana Calugaru

    We used Todd's service to refinish and paint our maple kitchen cabinets and were very happy with the end result. We had seen Todd's work at our friends' house and just couldn't believe how nice their old cabinets were looking, so we wanted the same quality service. Our kitchen turned out amazing and we are happy with the decision of not investing in cabinets' replacement. Our cabinets look brand new! Todd was very diligent in providing us with all details upfront so there were no surprises. We highly recommend his services!

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  • Des Hunter

    Close to a year ago we starting researching the process to refinish our kitchen cabinets. We found that there were 2 main processes - using solvent based lacquer and water based. Most web sites recommended Water based but Sharrard Painting used Solvent. We were concerned on using Solvent but Todd's website was very professional in providing details on the procedure and advantages. A visit to Todd's shop also gave more detail on the procedure and a look and feel on the finished product. Another concern was the smell of using a Solvent based lacquer on the "bones" of the cabinets (parts that could not be removed to his shop). Todd showed us his venting machine with a portable air exchange. The information provided by Todd and his in depth website convinced us to select Sharrard Painting for refinishing our cabinets from the original Ginger colour to Dove White. We made the right choice - Todd was professional in his performance, keep us advised on the process, always cleaned up as much as possible the kitchen every night which allowed us to use it to prepare our meals. Even the smell was a lot less than we thought and only lasted a couple of hours. At the end, the kitchen looked like it was the original one installed. Another point is that a friend had their cabinets refinished at the same times using the water based process. Our cabinets were smoother to the touch than theirs. We highly recommend Sharrard Painting for refinishing kitchen cabinets.

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  • Martine Fisler

    We are located in Waterdown and hired Todd to spray paint our kitchen cabinets. My experience was excellent with Todd and his crew.

    I decided to go with Todd to spray paint my kitchen for a couple of reasons:
    1.) The type of paint used (lacquer not water based)
    2.) The fact that everything was spray painted rather than painted with a brush.

    I was a little worried about my newly installed hardwood floors and countertops but Todd and his crew made sure that everything was covered and protected.

    I read some negative reviews about the smell of the lacquer paint. I found that the smell only lasted a couple of hours due to the venting system he used.

    Todd did some little extras like removing the wine rack, adding shelves and installing trim around the base. He did a great job.

    My cabinets look and feel brand new. I am so happy with the end-result. My kitchen looks amazing. I 100% recommend Todd Sharrard to spray paint your cabinets. You will not regret it.

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  • Darren Owens

    My partner and I were very impressed with Todd's professionalism and price. We had three quotes, and while his was in the middle, we feel confident that his end product could not have been outdone. Our new built-in was painted and ready on time and the builder/installer even commented on the consistent and smooth finish. He said "they sure lacquer with nice heavy coats" which we've come to learn is very important on MDF material. We will definitely be recommending Sharrard Painting to our friends and neighbours. Thanks again Todd & crew!

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  • Andrew T

    From the initial prep work to the spray painting and refinishing of the kitchen cabinets to re-installation and making final adjustments, Todd and his employees did an excellent job. Highly recommend !!!!

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  • Nancy Kaidas

    Superior results saved a small fortune renovating my kitchen.

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