Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Services in Oakville, Burlington and Mississauga

Sharrard Painting provides kitchen cabinet refacing services in Oakville, Burlington and the surrounding areas.  Refacing cabinets is the process of reusing the existing base cabinets and replacing just the doors and drawer faces.  Options like new drawer boxes,  drawer slides, gables and trimmings such as light valances can be considered at the time.

Our standard refacing services typically include a new set of hinges and hinge plates, drilling for handles and hinges, fitting and alignment of the doors and, new toe kicks.  Cost is based on using a solid one-piece 3/4 inch HDF door painted (perfect for painting) to a colour of your choice. Our company provides onsite spray painting for the components of the kitchen we would reuse.  We spray the cabinets perimeter edge banding and exterior gables but, we do not spray the inside of the cabinets although, it can be considered as an option and should be done on cabinets with glass doors.

Having refinished over 500 kitchens in the past decade makes us experts in taking apart and retrofitting them.  Our experience spraying and refinishing combined with our carpentry and installation skills make us naturals in the kitchen.  We’ve worked with retail installers and high-end kitchen installers and door manufactures.  We worked with homeowners building customized Ikea kitchens and homeowners adding another 5 years onto a builder’s kitchen. 

Lots of experience.

Refacing projects typically take about 4 to 5 weeks to complete.  The process is as follows

Step One: get a free project estimate/assessment.  This is done typically via email (with pictures sent in by you) but may be done over the phone or in person.

Step Two: Finalize contract with onsite meeting and review.  Done after the assessment is done.  The scope and requirements are validated, samples and colours reviewed, The final price of the project is determined.  Scheduling is discussed

Step Three:  Formal Site Survey – used to procure all doors.

Step Four:  Completion of the on-site work.  We spray paint the base cabinets, and the components will reuse.   Repairs and refinishing and base cabinets takes, depending on the size of the kitchen, one to two days to complete. See this article for complete details regarding the spraying of on site cabinetry.

Step Five: shop finishing including the construction of any gables, trimmings such as valances and toe kicks

Step Six:
onsite installation and completion of the project